Kumpulan berbagai Narrative text terbaru 2013
Hai sobat, disini tersedia beberapa contoh - contoh narrative text untuk sobat… silahkan di baca :

A long time ago, there lived a young couple, a man and his wife. His wife was expecting their baby. She wanted a plant that only grew in her neighbor’s garden. She wanted it so much. She even intended to steal it herself, but later on, she sent her husband to steal it. Unfortunately, mother gothel, the owner of the garden, caught him doing it. She was a witch. Then, mother gothel forced the couple to give their first baby to her.

A few months later, the baby was born. It was a girl and named Rapunzel. Soon, this baby was taken away to live with mother gothel. Rapunzel grew to be a beautiful young girl with her long goldy hair. She, at first, was cared in a normal way. When she reached puberty, she was locked in a tower so that she would never leave Mother Gothel. The tower stood in the forest. It could only be entered by climbing on Rapunzel’s long hair. To cheer herself up, she loved to sing.

One day, a young prince was out hunting. He stumbled upon the tower. He heard Rapunzel’s beautiful voice. He decided that he must meet her. He spied and, by watching Mother Gothel, learned the words he had to say to have Rapunzel drop her hair. The prince visited her often and the two fell in love.
Then, Rapunzel made a plan to escape from the tower. She wanted to be with the prince. She asked the prince to bring her a skein of silk each time he visited. She might weave a ladder for her escape. Unfortunately, Mother Gothel caught on. Then, she banished Rapunzel to the desert. She threw the prince from the tower into a thorny bush. The thorns made the prince blind and he roamed the earth searching for his love

Eventually, they found each other, and the prince’s eyes were healed by Rapunzel’s tears of happiness.

Once upon a time, there was a prince. He lived in a castle in France. One day a woman came to his castle. She was old and ugly. The prince didn’t like her and sent her away.

After the prince sent the woman away, she turned into a beautiful fairy. She cursed the prince and his castle. The prince became a beast. He was very ugly now. All his servants became furniture. The prince could be a human again if a woman fell in love with him.

Meanwhile, on the other of mountain, there lived a girl. Her name was Belle. She lived with her father, Maurice.

One day, Maurice traveled past the castle. It was raining very hard he came into the castle. When the beast saw him, he captured him.

Belle was so worried because her father didn’t come back. She began to look for him. She arrived in the castle and she found her father there. Belle agreed to stay in the castle so that her father could go home.
First, Belle didn’t like the Beast because he was mean. Then, slowly he changed. He was not mean anymore. Belle began to like him and finally she fell in love with him.

Right after she declared her love to the Beast the spell was broken. The Beast and his servants became human again. The Beast and Belle got married. They lived happily ever after.

 The Bear and Rabbit
Once upon a time, there lived a bear and a rabbit. The rabbit is a good shot. In contrary, the bear is always clumsy and could not use the arrow.

One day, the bear called over the rabbit and asked the rabbit to take his bow and arrows.
The rabbit was fearing to arouse the bear's anger so he could not refuse it. He went with the bear and shot enough buffalo to satisfy the hungry family. Indeed he shot and killed so many that there were lots of meats left after.

However the bear did not want the rabbit to get any of the meat. The rabbit could not even taste the meat. The poor rabbit would have to go home hungry after his hard day's work.

The bear was the father of five children. Fortunately, the youngest child was very kind to the rabbit. He was very hearty eater. The mother bear always gave him an extra large piece of meat but the youngest child did not eat it. He would take it outside with him and pretended to play ball with the meat. He kicked toward the rabbit's house.When he got close to the door he would give the meat with such a great kick. The meat would fly into the rabbit's house. In this way, the poor rabbit would get his meal.

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